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Bonni was voted one of the 100 Top Trainers in America by Men’s Journal, has been published in Women’s, Women Of, and Ocean Dr. Magazine, was featured on American Medical Review hosted by 60 Minutes Morley Safer as a “Health and Fitness” specialist, and is the creator of the Be Clear, Mental Weight Loss System copyrighted © 2009 Bonni Doherty.

Bonni’s story, her philosophy on health and some of her top tips, as profiled in Daily Camera January 2009—20pprow

Find out how you can lighten your mental load with Bonni’s Mental Weight Loss Series, as featured in Women’s Magazine January 2009

Bonni named top young careerist in the Boulder County Business Report. April 2009

Bonni Voted Top 100 Personal Trainers in the U.S. by Men’s Journal Magazine -Miami December 2004-2005

Interviewed by Glenn Hattem , Fitness Expert 2009· Check out this video of my good friend, executive fitness coach and health consultant Bonni Raderman who’s known for her extraordinary “Mental Weight Loss System.” Here she shares a lot of good information in regards to health and well-being, as well as ways to be proactive in preventing health issues down the road.

Bonni In Daily Camera December 2009 Speaking with Young Women in the Red Tent Club sponsered by Courage is Change a 501C3 with this months focus to help them Reduce Stress while Building Self Esteem using Meditation & Proper Breathing.

Bonni in her W3W3 2010 interview speaking with Larry Nelson about networking in these economic times. First take care of your Health.


Bonni in the February 2011 issue of CHNM on page 24 & 25 discussing her 7 Cost Effective ways for Children to Have Fun, Look Great, and Loose Weight.

Article published in October of 2011 about the importance of Protein from Animal or Plant sources.

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