About Our Company

OUR mission is to provide individuals and organizations Executive Fitness Coaching for the Body and the Mind. From the convenience of your office or home, we are happy to show you how your environment can be a useful tool in positive health success. After we assess your health risks, needs, and biometric measurements, we create individualized program to help reach your specific goals. Based on your goals, your program would consist of one, or a combination of services as a part of our 4 tiered approach to total wellness. Once a well-rounded strategic plan is in place, we work closely with you as to provide accountability that is measurable.

BonniWellenss was founded by Bonni Raderman, Executive Fitness Coach, and Health Consultant. Bonni is an expert in the field of fitness and mind-body wellness.  Along with her experience in the Occupational Therapy field, and traveling abroad doing research while working in the healthcare field, she spent the last twenty years developing a highly effective, holistic model that helps increase the bottom line of organizations through the implementation of her strategic wellness programs that help individuals achieve their physical and mental objectives through the modalities of Exercise, Yoga, Nutrition, and Stress and Pain Management.  She was voted one of the 100 Top Trainers in America by Men’s Journal, has been published in Women’s, Women Of, and Ocean Dr. Magazine, was featured on American Medical Review with ABC’s 60 minutes with Morley Safer as a “Health and Fitness” specialist, and is the creator of the Be Clear, Mental Weight Loss System copyrighted © 2009 Bonni Raderman.

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