5 Benefits of Teaching Mindfulness & Meditation to CHILDREN

by admin on February 28, 2016

In an age where we are always on the go and attempting to keep up, mediation is not only great for adults, but for children as well. Meditation was once thought of as an adult practice, but studies show that children as young as 3 years of age benefit from mindfulness and meditation. Meditation for children consists of simply observing or scanning each body part, the belly & breath, and using imagination. Mindfulness is strengthened through observing what we are doing at every moment, taking note of the choices made, and outcomes it produced. Even as simple as having a discussion with a child on- WHY shoe laces untied could potentially lead to a trip and fall, or WHY being nice or sharing with friends could lead to other children being nice and sharing with them. Clearly and calmly having constructive conversation with a child builds trust, respect, and helps to strengthen both the parent and child mindfulness muscles. 5 Benefits of Mindfulness & Meditation are to:
-Reduce daily stress at home and at school.
-Helps to evoke presence and calm with hectic schedules.
-Expands concentration for enhanced learning.
-Increases level of joy with ones self and with others.
-Helps to evoke inner patience when unfavorable circumstances arise.
In addition to providing physical activities or sports as an outlet for a child to release pent up energy, Mindfulness & Mediation is just as rewarding, and provides significant outcomes for both the child and parent. Both physical activity, and practicing meditation can be scheduled like all other activities, and both will reap benefits that will last a life time. A parent does not need to be an expert in Meditation to practice with their child. All that is necessary is an open mind, and a little discipline to follow through. Keeping it light, playful, and consistent is a great way to build enthusiasm for meditation & mindfulness. Attention to this goal, and consistency will lead to a calm, self confident, and empathetic child that will later grow into a confident and compassionate adult.

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