6 Ways To Instantly REDUCE STRESS in One Minute Or Less!

by admin on January 29, 2016

The mind can become easily overwhelmed and turbulent throughout the day. Focusing on mistakes of the the past, or obsessing over the future that has yet to arrive- can unintentionally create stress, anxiety, or fear. By simply becoming present in the moment you can slow or stop “the thought wheel” from spinning. A quick mental break will immediately reduce stress, and provide refreshed mental clarity to move forward- better, faster, and with a clearer perspective! Here are 6 ways to instantly reduce stress in ONE MINUTE or LESS!

-TAKE A BREATH: “Watch” your belly expand while you inhale, and watch your belly flatten upon your exhale.

-LISTEN: Attempt to “hear” a sound that is the furthest distance from you.

-MOVE: Stand and “march” in place while consciously keeping good form.

-BODY SCAN: While seated bring “awareness” to your body. Scan every part starting from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

-OBSERVE: Objectively “look” at the detail on a beautiful picture, painting, or outside in nature.

-COUNT: Slow and clear “count” from 1-10 out loud.

Have a great, productive, and relaxed day!

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