Staying In The Positive

by admin on August 24, 2015

Even for an extremely positive, glass always half full type of thinker, it is easy to slip down the slippery slope of negative thoughts. Unfortunately, negative thoughts can be prone to attract negative life situations. So does the saying, you are what you think, true? Well.. what I have seen is that with every Choice there is a Consequence. So when you are feeling negative or are experiencing negative thought patterns, then this very state could alter or guide specific daily choices you make. Choices lead to Action, Action over time becomes part of ones Character, and over time, your Character will create its Destiny. So in that sense, I can see that statement being somewhat true. So now that we made sense of this pattern, we have the ability to take more control, or just simply be aware of what’s going on in our “thinker” of ours. The simplest way to see if you are in the Positive, is to simply do your best to Observe your thoughts throughout the day. Without being too hard on your self, simply notice the thoughts. If they are negative in their nature, do what you can to resolve your internal issue, and quickly move on, or Focus on Anything Positive. One way is to find Gratitude in something. Anything will do. Find that thing, or many things you are Grateful for, and make that your focus until the negative pattern shifts. If you are really into this, set your alarm every hour so that you can check in with yourself. If you prefer, tie a string, or wrap a rubber band around your wrist. Every time you look at it, reminder yourself to check in with your thoughts again. Again, if you are what you think, then maybe staying in the Positive will help you create more Personally Positive Outcomes then you could of ever imagined possible.
Good luck and Have a Positive Day!
All the best.

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