5 Point Strategy to Achieving Morning Exercise.

by admin on June 17, 2015

Whether you want to exercise at home, at a gym, or prefer a nature adventure, mornings are ideal for working out. For some, the mornings are an exciting time, but for others, it can create sheer terror at the thought of it.

Morning workouts help create a positive daily perspective, and set your metabolism for the day. In addition, it will help inspire a better nutritional regime beginning at breakfast, and will allow you to take care of you first. Because, once the day gets going, as you know, you are in demand.

Preparation is Key. Here is a 5 point Strategy that will assist you in achieving your morning exercise.

1. At night, Prepare the workout clothes and shoes that you will be wearing the next day by placing them in a spot easily accessible and that are easy to put on in the dark if you had too.

2. If you need caffeine in the morning to create a boost, have it ready to go as you roll out of bed.

3. If you are not at home and need to go to work directly after your workout, be sure to pack a bag with your work clothes, shoes, and essentials. Purchase a second set of essentials that you can always keep in the bag ie. deodorant, makeup, toothpaste etc.

4. If you are going to exercise and then go directly to work after, or are going to run errands, be sure to pack a snack or breakfast so you can eat on the go. Good nutritional habits play a 60% role in maintaining good health. Things high in protein that you can make the night before would be good ie hard boiled eggs, or those leftovers from dinner the night before work well. If you are on the road, know where you can quickly purchase that healthy item.

5. This is the most important one:::: In addition to knowing your personal WHY or having goals set, one must break through daily negative mindset patterns that normally arise, even with the best fitness enthusiasts. When we wake, there may be sluggishness of the mind and body. That sluggishness can carry over into our thought stream telling us that, “there is no point to working out”, “i just can’t do it!”, or I am “simply a night person”. Those thoughts will come, and you need sheer WILL to push through and simply ignore them to get up and GO.

That is why you have everything prepared the night before. By doing this, it will be very difficult for your mind to push back hard by making a case on why you simply can’t do it today. If you are prepared, there is nothing left, but to simply get up and do it as there will be less excuses.

So give it a try and do it….. ON PURPOSE!

Good Luck and be WELL.

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