8 Ways to Create New Health Habits.

by admin on January 31, 2015

After the holidays many individuals yearn to have better health in the New Year.
A good way to have follow through with good health is by creating good healthy habits.
Good Habits will help move things forward and help you reach your long term goals.
Below are 8 ways you could strengthen your ability to create New Health Habits.

1. Purchase, prepare, and pack healthy food the night before you need it.
2. Clean out that glass water bottle and carry it with you everywhere and drink it.
3. Go food shopping on Sundays for the week. *seek out assistance from nutritional counselor.
4. Have a physical fitness action plan *get a personal trainer’s help if you need.
5. Plan a small amount of time to be in the outside each day to absorb D3 from the sun.
6. Stay mentally positive about reaching your goals by reaffirming you can achieve them.
7. Have a friend or buddy that you can be accountable too or with.
8. Choose to take the stairs, or walk the long way if you have the opportunity.

When one makes a positive health choice, action will follow, habits will then be created, and you will be that much closer to reaching your desired outcome!

Good luck and make a new health choice today.
All the best.

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